Shout Out

I’m giving my weekly shout out to all of the wonderful women over at Operation Skinny Bitch!  Here’s to a great week!  I can’t wait to see how many pounds we’ve lost collectively.  It’s going to be impressive!


Have a great week!


ETA:  Have a great weight loss week is making me crazy.  I am about to go rollerblading.  I haven’t done that in YEARS!  Wish me luck!

ETAA:  40 minutes, 4 miles and one near wipeout later I am home with no injuries.  Yippee!


6 thoughts on “Shout Out

  1. I’ve Rollerbladded once.


    Here’s the story…

    My dog pulled me down…I tied him up to a park bench. And I retired the rollerblades once and for all.

    The End.

    So, you rock!

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