Reward: Lost Funny

Have you seen my funny?  I have lost and I’d really like it back.


Reward:  really funny blog entry dedicated to the person who finds my funny.


I’m sad without it.


6 thoughts on “Reward: Lost Funny

  1. Thanks Sisssy! I am honored!

    Moe – yeah it was funny til the 4th quarter. Darn it!

    Comet – thanks for the support!!! I’d love to be shooting DC (that’s Diet Coke, not David Cook) out my nose.


    I am thinking today will be better.

  2. LL&L says:

    I found your funny. It’s here in Florida at my house. I can’t mail it to you so you are going to have to make sure you get your cute little self on that plane next weekend and come here and get it! K?

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