That’s the sound of me falling out of my chair.  She’s eating OATMEAL!  3 years and almost 4 months is what it took to get her to try it.  AND.SHE.LIKES.IT!  Banana Bread flavored.  And she isn’t even trying to feed it to the dogs.  We’ve turned a corner…we might actually be able to add something else to our breakfast repertoire of pancakes, cinnamon toast, pancakes, OH and did I mention pancakes????  (I did try to get her to eat Nutrigrain bars by telling her that they are Avery E.’s and Henry’s favorite.  Didn’t work…)




ETA:  When asked how her breakfast was she told me “FANTASTIC” – that’s a new word.  And one I would not normally use to describe oatmeal but HELL – whatever floats your boat.  Right?  And she ate it, so I should just leave it alone!


9 thoughts on “**Thud**

  1. arual1977 says:

    Oatmeal ROCKS! I’m so glad Miss Avery likes it… it’s so good for her. I buy the plain oatmeal packs and squirt a bit of maple syrup or honey in it or even add a tad of jelly… maybe it’ll spark her interest if she gets to experiment with flavors…

  2. lifeonthetailofacomet says:

    I used to simplify my life with oatmeal- let me tell you……..I put the oatmeal in the crockpot at night before we went to bed and I would put pineapple- canned or dried, or banana, dried papaya, any spices with or without vanilla- whatever was in season they liked. Now you can get the liners to put in the crockpot so you can clean up easily and throw your dinner in before leaving he house!

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