Fairy Princess…

Last weekend was our first Halloween adventure…trick or treating in Royal Oak.  The store where I work, Hullabaloo had an event with Purple Tree Photography and Kelli took pictures of all of the kids in their costumes.  This is my fairy….the pink fairy…. 



Kelli is AWESOME!  These small thumbnails don’t do her work justice.  I got them this morning and they are AMAZING!  Avery is covered in silver sparkles that just POP in the actual picture! 

Happy Halloween (tomorrow!)…..

All About Me


I have a new addiction…FACEBOOK.  My wonderful Michelle (who doesn’t blog but reads mine all of the time) kept telling me that I needed to get on our high schools Facebook page.  Mich and I did not know each other in HS…we met much later in life.  So today I finally looked up our old HS. 


I can’t even begin to tell you about the people I have come across.  Which inspires me to upload pictures of big hair and taffetta prom dresses.  It’s coming…I promise. 


Thanks Michelle for the idea…and the ability to hook up with old friends.


And somehow the Girl Scout song is going through my head…Some are silver and some are gold.  That’s right…there are new friends and old friends.  Old friends that were there with you during the most difficult and awkward times of your life  (Jeanne – sorry I can’t remember Dave’s last name…)  and new friends…the ones that help you through adulthood one step at a time.  And they can be one in the same…really. 


XOXOXO to the old friends and the new friends.  YOU ALL ROCK!

Life in General

Monday Blues & Christmas Fun

Mondays always suck but today it our first really cold, rainy, dreary day in a long time.  And they are predicting snow showers for this afternoon.  YUCK!  Luckily this weekend I found Avery an adorable winter coat, hat, gloves, and scarf.  Now today it’s off to find some boots.


As for Christmas, I started my Christmas shopping too.  While we were at Carter’s getting her coat, Avery saw the cutest raincoats and asked if she could get that instead.  I told her not today but maybe she could ask Santa to bring her one.  I had MIL take her out of the store and I got her raincoat.  When Hubby got home yesterday she was telling him all about how Santa is going to bring her a new raincoat and boots.  I just winked at him and he knew.  I love surprising her like that!

Life in General

Let the fun begin

So today kicks off a week long Halloween celebration.  We have 3 events today…one on Thursday…and of course Halloween is Friday.  I am dressing Avery in her pink fairy costume tomorrow to visit my Grandma in the nursing home. 


And the battle will also begin today…the battle for CANDY.  The battle that might ultimately push me over the edge b/c a Mom can only be asked *so* many times “Mommy can I have a piece of candy?” before she snaps.  Before the will is broken…anything that can be done (including caving in) to stop the incessant asking and answering of the same question over and over again.


So there you have it…if I seem off a little bit this week it’s b/c I am teetering on the edge.  But I will be sure to post some pictures later of the fun festivities.  🙂

Life in General


The day before I left on my trip down south my 93 year old Grandma fell in her house – fracturing her wrist and a bone in her neck.  While I was gone she had major (for her age) surgery and came through it ok.  Now we are dealing with the stubbornness…her refusal of meds and therapy (physical and occupational).  It’s been very hard on our family.  


Also while I was gone Hubby unpacked some more boxes in the basement and found the bag of pictures I swiped from her house the LAST time she fell.  We have moved since then and I had forgotten about them.  But I came across these gems of my Grandmother.  Same house…they just moved the front porch and added the bay window when my youngest Aunt was a baby.  These are great photographs…I wish I could say I took them, but I am not that talented.



All About Me, Avery

The Adventures of Olivia

When I told Avery that I was going away for the weekend, I expected tears.  What I got instead was a momento from my little sweet girl to take on my “venture”.  She pondered it for days and finally she settled on a My Little Pony that she dutifully packed in my suitcase mintues before we left for the airport.


So without further ado….I’d like you to meet Olivia… our little companion on our Girls Gone Wild weekend.  Somehow I ended up with not the pink pony, or the blue pony, but rather the plain old tan pony with orange hair.  But don’t let her looks fool you – she’s a regular party animal.


On the drive to Highlands, we stopped at Bridal Veil Falls for an impromptu photography session, courtesy of Laura…and we ran into some biker dudes.  When they saw us taking pictures of the pony they couldn’t help but ask “WTF?”.  So we elaborated and rather than laugh at us and little Olivia-they ended up taking her picture too.  How funny is it to see men decked out in leather, taking pictures of a boring tan pony on a rock.  Pretty effing hiliarious if you ask us.


Olivia did not take part in the Mimosas and Quiche for breakfast.  She left that up to us.  But she did partake in a wine tasting in Highlands NC.   There she met Phillipe – the gorgeous frenchman who was showcasing his wines.  We told her she’d need to eat something with all of the wine she drank…so she also took part in some cheese tasting.


We also found a condiment store.  NO, NOT CONDOMS (remember – there was only booze and boobs on this trip – no BOYS), condiments…like pretzel dip and pepper jelly.  She didn’t really heed the “No Grazing” request as you can see.

After our trip to Highlands – we are lucky Olivia didn’t get us kicked out – we made our way back to Franklin NC.  To a wonderful event known as Pickin’ on the Square.  Now Olivia INSISTED if we were going to take her to such a event that BEER (specifically Bud Light Lime) MUST be smuggled in.  How could we resist the pleas of our smallest companion???  So the poor girl ended up in Shannie’s purse with the bottles of beer.  Her dreams come true.




And here she is against the backdrop of the “Town Square”…which turns out to be a “loose” definition.



On the way home Sunday we took part in a typical Southern meal at Dillard House – fried, fried and more fried with a side of fried.  Seriously people , I lived in Texas where if you can fry it and put it on a stick, you’ll find it there.  Georgia and their cooking puts TX to shame (in a good way).  Good thing I was hung over and needed grease to make me happy.  (Side note:  as a Yankee my stomach is not used to this and I paid dearly for it.)

But a trip to Dillard House wasn’t enough…according to my friends – Olivia and I had to experience The Varsity.  TOTALLY WORTH IT.  Chili Slaw Dog – who would have thought it possible…and smack in the middle of the GA Tech Campus.  GENIUS!!!  Olivia did request some Immodium for the ride home.  🙂

But seriously, what would a girls trip be without a stop at Goats on the Roof?  Olivia had a blast – like she found kinship with these contained animals.  Shannie’s Mister begged me not to post a picture – or to claim it was in North Carolina – as it didn’t bode well for GA to have such a place – with goats ACTUALLY on the roof.  If it hadn’t been such a cute country store with a gimmick I would have to agree with him.  But we seriously talked ALL.WEEKEND about stopping there.  So their niche paid off.  Olivia sampled some fudge, fed some goats and looked at Amish furniture.  SCORE.


At the true test of Olivia’s stamina came when we got back to Shannie’s and Avery got to play with her.  Believe you me…when she found out it was Avery Marie’s pony – it was GAME ON!  So she posed with Olivia – while balancing on one foot.  Hence the tongue…


And our final meal at the airport…meaning before we returned to reality.  Chips, salsa and beer at 11am at Chili’s.  YUM.

And last but not least…a note to Shannie and Laura…thanks for the hospitality and the wonderful memories.  Olivia will never be the same pony again.