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Gender Faux Paux

I made a huge one today and felt terrible…


Avery and I went to run some errands and she LURVES to talk to everybody.  She likes to get their entire life history but I can usually cut her off and name and age (for the little ones).  So we stopped at the grocery store this afternoon b/c I PROMISED we’d make cookies today.  I wanted the cookie sheets that you can use the cookie cutters on, but they didn’t have them.  We settled for the Pillberry take and bake with pumpkins on them.  Sorry – tangent.


As we are walking through the store we see a set of parents and the mom is carrying a baby.  Dressed in yellow wearing a pink/white striped hat.  Avery asked if it was a boy or girl.  So I said “Well honey it’s a girl b/c she is wearing a pink and white hat”.  We turn the corner and Avery asks the child’s name.  Um, yeah, IT WAS A BOY. 


I seriously think that little boy is going to have issues when he gets older, don’t you????


Now I must learn to keep my mouth shut.


3 thoughts on “Gender Faux Paux”

  1. haha… it happens Dana! I had a friend in school that said her parents had her ears pierced as a baby b/c people kept thinking she was a boy (thanks to 1970’s clothes). Anyway, then people asked her mom why she had her little boy’s ears pierced. LOL… sometimes you can’t win for losing!

    Can’t wait ’til this weekend!

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