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A present for Woody

Here is our house.  Check out the front railing and what is sitting next to it….



Mr. Owl – the natural predator of the Woodpecker.  For $15 at Home Depot, this ugly thing is supposed to scare the shit out of Woody and he won’t come back.  Because at the rate he is going we might not have a house by next week. 



Now I bet that adds to the aesthetic value of our house!


9 thoughts on “A present for Woody”

  1. Your house is PRECIOUS!

    My parents had to do the owl thing too. It does work but doesn’t look all that great.

    BUT with Halloween around the corner, you might start a trend in the neighborhood.

  2. When we moved into this house, there was an owl that looks EXACTLY like that on the steps.. I wonder if they had a woody problem… we haven’t yet… I hope it works!

  3. your house is so cute. Did you paint it? It looks different from the pictures you sent when you bought it.

    So, is the owl helping?

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