All About Me


Date night turned into a foursome.  Myself and 3 guys.  And I learned a couple valuable lessons…


1)  I can seriously put back some beers.  Really, I can.  But drinking games don’t work for me.  My stomach wasn’t happy by the end of the night.  I know I ended up at home, but I am really not sure HOW I got here. 


2)  Don’t talk about girls weekend.  No, we didn’t play Twister in our underware while lubed up with baby oil.  I know I ruined all of your fantasies so all you guys just go on believing what you must to get through the day.  I guess my mistake was saying that there were in fact boobs, asses and BJ discussions. 


Needless to say, my head hurts this morning.  A LOT.  But I can’t really explain “hangover” to a 3 y/o.  Mommy is just *tired* today.


5 thoughts on “Foursome”

  1. We use that explanation too and now Sydney wants to know why isn’t Daddy driving home…when we’re somewhere and he has had too much to drink…we just say that Daddy’s tired. So far it seems to work, but little miss nosey will figure it out eventually! Rest and let Jason take care of miss avery today! Yeah I know…wishful thinking!

  2. Yah…this mommy had too much mommy juice also.
    I work with all guys and when I mention myself and friends having a girl weekend their minds immediately go to the gutter.

  3. Drinking games and chugging any thing is no good. I was in a sorority when I was in college and they always did those things and they used to get mad when I wouldn’t chug when they would sing this chugging song! Put your feet in warm water and ice on your head, have something like tea with honey in it and eat some crackers.
    I learned from my sil’s dui class that women lack an enzyme that men have so they can’t metabolize alcohol like men can. You can’t run with the big dogs!
    Feel better soon!

  4. I understand being “tired” recently. Had lots of late nights and multiple margaritas or at least that is the part I remember. And I learned that I like to drunk text my old trainer. You know, some things are better left unsaid!!

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