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Hunting Season Is Upon Us…

It isn’t the leaves falling from the trees or the crisp morning air that tells me it’s almost hunting season…there’s another scent that drifts into my kitchen at this time every year…


The smell of vinegar and pickling spice.  That’s right – it’s time to make pickled eggs for Hubby to take to the cabin.  I won’t touch them with a 10 foot pole but according to the guys, I make kick ass pickled eggs.  So yesterday, I spent a couple hours slaving (actually they are really easy) over the stove to work my magic.



It all starts with my trusty egg cooker.  If you like hard boiled eggs – YOU MUST GET ONE OF THESE!  It cooks 7 eggs at a time, and I cooked 4 dozen over the course of the morning…and they all came out perfect.  Peeling them is a piece of cake.


Then there are the large jars with the ring garlic bologna in the bottom.  A serious must for pickled eggs.


The secret sauce…(which is why my house smelled like vinegar for days)


And Voila – here they are.  Done, and ready for pickling in the fridge.


And I will do it all again in 2 weeks for deer hunting. 


On a complete side note I have to give you all an update on Bear.  Remember back in July when he was really sick and we didn’t think he would make it.  Well….he just had another check up at the vet this morning and he said in 10 years he has never seen a dog make such a miraculous comeback.  He is amazed.  After the appointment he took him in back to show everyone who helped work on him how great he is doing.   THANK YOU to our new wonderful vet clinic!  It brought tears to my eyes…and tomorrow Bear is able to go bird hunting with Hubby and Montana once again.


11 thoughts on “Hunting Season Is Upon Us…”

  1. First of all, why have I never heard of an egg cooker. I boil eggs daily and half of the time they are overcooked or undercook.

    Second, I am thanking God I have not been asked to make pickled eggs for the deer lease. BUT I do make armadillo eggs and need to give you that recipe. Perfect for the hunters!!

  2. Those eggs don’t sound very appetizing but I sure would try one- you might just get another convert. Hell. I like sardines! I like to can things and my husband does a fabulous pickled vegetable mix that’s fabulous w/ Italian beef .
    I’m so happy for your dog’s recovery- may you have many happy years together! I only have one left and this morning i thought he was having a stroke- turns out his legs had just gone to sleep from sleeping in one spot too long!
    we try to take him w/us all the time-to friends, LLL’s and we found a dog friendly restaurant close by-who know’s how long we’ll get to cherish him!

  3. Hi, just found your blog!
    OMG an egg cooker…that’s so neat! I love hard boiled eggs…not so much on pickled eggs, but then again I have never tried one either. So I can’t really say anything! 🙂
    I bet your hubbys happy though!!

  4. Thanks for the comment! 🙂 I am in love with the State Fair of TX now. I can’t wait for next year!
    I have never heard of an egg cooker! Very good info!
    I don’t think that I would want to eat these either but they do look very pretty in your jars. 🙂
    I’m not sure what happened to your dog but I am so glad he is better.

  5. Hey Dana! YOU MUST join the ranks of the twerds!!!! Seriously. Do it. It will change your life (ok, well maybe that’s an exaggeration). I promise you, if you pick it up today, you would have it done by Friday. At the latest.

    Thanks so much for the info on downtown RO. We will keep it in mind. If we do, we’d go early too– you can recognize Quinn by her Little Red Riding Hood costume. What will Avery be???

  6. Avery is a pink fairy. I’d love to see Quinn! How cute. Tonight I will curl up with my book and I hope it is all I expect (which based on the comments, I’m sure it will be!)

  7. Ok, those just do not look appetizing in the least little bit… Pickled eggs? Are they “dill” pickled? LOL!!! And for the record, what the HELL is with the bologna turd-ring? Seriously, does it just add flavor, or is it to eat too! Dana, I’m glad the hubby at least likes them… Keep him happy with his pickled eggs!

    Tell me, how do they eat them? Do you put it on a sandwich or a salad or do they just eat it?

    You’re more woman than me…

    Get-it, Girl…

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