All About Me


I bought it…months ago.  With the greatest intention of devouring every word on every page.


But I am a mom…and I am addicted to TV…and I work part time.  So it has sat on my shelf…neglected.  Collecting dust.


But today…I pulled it out and inserted my favorite bookmark (a picture of Avery) and have commited myself to reading it.   It seems every other blog I come across raves about this book.  I am not a Harry Potter fan…but give me some lust and vampires and my blood warms. 


So I am off to join the masses by reading this acclaimed story of Bella and Edward.  I.CANNOT.WAIT.


5 thoughts on “Twlight”

  1. Girl I am in the same boat… I got the book about the time all the Fall shows started up, I know it will consume me, so I am waiting for life to slow down… wait, does that happen??

  2. I’m with Sissy… holding my breath… You will fall in love with Edward trust me… I’m going to reread Twilight before the movie comes out… and I just read it for the first time a couple months ago…

  3. I haven’t even read the liner notes yet. You’ll have to let me know what you think….although I’m sure that I will cave and buy it as soon as I finish reading the book I’m currently reading. I love to read and since everyone is raving about it, I figure it must be worthy.

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