Let the fun begin

So today kicks off a week long Halloween celebration.  We have 3 events today…one on Thursday…and of course Halloween is Friday.  I am dressing Avery in her pink fairy costume tomorrow to visit my Grandma in the nursing home. 


And the battle will also begin today…the battle for CANDY.  The battle that might ultimately push me over the edge b/c a Mom can only be asked *so* many times “Mommy can I have a piece of candy?” before she snaps.  Before the will is broken…anything that can be done (including caving in) to stop the incessant asking and answering of the same question over and over again.


So there you have it…if I seem off a little bit this week it’s b/c I am teetering on the edge.  But I will be sure to post some pictures later of the fun festivities.  🙂


4 thoughts on “Let the fun begin

  1. Halloween is a great time to teach kids about taxes. I do it every year.
    As soon as we get home, we dump their candy on the counter and I instantly take 33%. If they get a LOTTA candy…I hitm for 39.6 %…..it’s only fair.

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