Monday Blues & Christmas Fun

Mondays always suck but today it our first really cold, rainy, dreary day in a long time.  And they are predicting snow showers for this afternoon.  YUCK!  Luckily this weekend I found Avery an adorable winter coat, hat, gloves, and scarf.  Now today it’s off to find some boots.


As for Christmas, I started my Christmas shopping too.  While we were at Carter’s getting her coat, Avery saw the cutest raincoats and asked if she could get that instead.  I told her not today but maybe she could ask Santa to bring her one.  I had MIL take her out of the store and I got her raincoat.  When Hubby got home yesterday she was telling him all about how Santa is going to bring her a new raincoat and boots.  I just winked at him and he knew.  I love surprising her like that!


3 thoughts on “Monday Blues & Christmas Fun

  1. I just read your cute Olivia post! What a sweet idea. I will keep that in mind for future girls’ weekends when away from my little lady.

    Also! You just gave me a STELLAR idea with the raincoat for Christmas thing! GOOD CALL!

    Oh, and lastly- WISH WE HAD SNOW! 😦 Lucky! I’ve never once had a white anything… Christmas included. Boo hoo!

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