I have a new addiction…FACEBOOK.  My wonderful Michelle (who doesn’t blog but reads mine all of the time) kept telling me that I needed to get on our high schools Facebook page.  Mich and I did not know each other in HS…we met much later in life.  So today I finally looked up our old HS. 


I can’t even begin to tell you about the people I have come across.  Which inspires me to upload pictures of big hair and taffetta prom dresses.  It’s coming…I promise. 


Thanks Michelle for the idea…and the ability to hook up with old friends.


And somehow the Girl Scout song is going through my head…Some are silver and some are gold.  That’s right…there are new friends and old friends.  Old friends that were there with you during the most difficult and awkward times of your life  (Jeanne – sorry I can’t remember Dave’s last name…)  and new friends…the ones that help you through adulthood one step at a time.  And they can be one in the same…really. 


XOXOXO to the old friends and the new friends.  YOU ALL ROCK!


2 thoughts on “Addiction

  1. Linda says:

    Finally! I’ve been addicted to FB for months now. I even have a FB Bff with a guy from high school that I wasn’t been that close with in school. It is so funny the connections you can make online with old friends.

  2. A lot of my friends do facebook. They have reconnected with a ton of people. I can’t find the time. I barely have time to blog lately! They love it though! My mom is actually on there too.

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