All About Me


I have one…really…it’s awful.  MY.FEET.STINK!  I bought some super duper cute Sketchers for fall.  And I made a CRUCIAL mistake.  I wore them without socks.  Daily.  It’s gross…but at least I am able to laugh about it.  Seriously.  I have never had a stinky feet issue…till these shoes. 


And I’m sad, b/c they are really cute.  But I just don’t think I can keep them.  I might start losing friends over the odor.


Oh – and Frebreeze doesn’t help.  AT.ALL.


So sad.


7 thoughts on “Confession”

  1. OK…I died and almost peed my pants laughing. Get the dr. shools (sp?) foot powder…it works wonders and I think there are inserts you can buy now to put in your shoes. Maybe you won’t have to give up your shoes after all!

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