I’ll admit it

I’m not ashamed.  Maybe a little off my rocker.  Blame it on hormones.  I think I am going to buy Britney’s new album that comes out Tuesday.  Why?  I’ve heard some song off of it – I love the energy, the beat.  Sounds like it would be great music for the gym.  (Yes, this baby will get exercise – nothing extreme but I can’t sit on my ass this time around).


So there – you know my secret.  I like Britney Spears.  I’m glad she is making a comeback from all of the shit she went through.  Seriously – we’ve all had rough patches in our lives – well maybe not to the extreme of shaving our heads – but it’s nice to see she is getting better.


Off to finish Eclipse.


5 thoughts on “I’ll admit it

  1. I think there’s actually a lot of support for her as a person out there. Sure, you know, when I was 15 and my boyfriend had a crush on her and she was rich and perfect and gorgeous, I didn’t like her… but 10 years later, with her being a more real person, a mom, and deeply flawed… she’s far more sympathetic :]

  2. Ha, yeah she actually does have some great upbeat music…why must people make fun when we say we like her music? Oh well, I’m glad she’s getting better too.

    Cute blog you have here…oh I can’t wait to get to Eclipse!

    Oh and I’m having a giveaway so come check it out if you get a chance! Happy day to you 🙂

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