Breakfast with the Jolly Fat Man

Saturday morning Avery, Daddy and Grammie trapised off to Breakfast with Santa.  It is sponsored by a magazine…I forget which.  And it’s quite a spread – so I’ve heard.  This is the 2nd year in a row that they have gone, but unfortunately I have always had something else going on.

There was lots of prep work before heading to breakfast…bath, blow dry, curling iron, hairspray, fancy party dress and tights and shoes.  But lest we forget….the most important part….The Wish List for Santa.

We diligently spent an hour writing the list with painstaking care and thought.  We put 10 things down…and it was a hardship to limit ourselves to only 10 things.  But we managed.

And the list included:

1) My very own IPOD (so she can listen to Hannah Montana and Pink)

2) A talking baby (gee honey, we are going to have one of those – ya know that cry, poop, pee, and sleep – come mid July)

3) My very own computer (cuz she is sick of Mommy not letting her touch the laptop)

4) Sparkely Castle (she has watched Barbie Diamond Castle too many times)

5)  My very own camera (see #3 and so she can express her artistic photographic skills)

6) A lighthouse – a real one (I’m stumped on this one)

7)  Snowglobe

8)  Catherine from Barbie Christmas Carol

9)   Eden from Barbie Christmas Carol

10) Rainboats and raincoat (ok, I prepped her on this one b/c I bought her one to put under the tree)

My MIL took my camera this year and got some great shots.

There were REAL reindeer.  Retired from Santa’s team, maybe?  Their names were Randolph & Joy.  Those names were never in the story so maybe they were alternates in case of injury??


She made a beautiful foam wreath.  Lots of glitter and lots of accessories.  Cuz that’s how Avery rolls.  And please note the necklace she is wearing – she made that too.  Very crafty, my little girl.


And of course there were balloon animals.  Avery, in her true spirit, asked for Ariel.  It must have been a guy who made her, check out the size of her hooters.   Wrong, just plain wrong.  Although Hubby had a good time making fun of her all night long.


All in all, it was a jolly time with a big fat jolly man.  (Check back Friday for pictures of Santa…he’s super cool!)


3 thoughts on “Breakfast with the Jolly Fat Man

  1. Looks like a great time! My girls would be all over this…

    And that is one seriously talented balloon artist! My youngest would want an Ariel, too. I can just see her now, trying to sleep with the thing and taking it everywhere she goes…

  2. Michelle Bishop says:

    LOVE Shannie’s reply…you should show her my boob shot 😉 Sydney is getting a camera…a child proof one from JCP for $28?…something like that. Didn’t want to buy the really expensive Fisher Price one, because she’ll figure out how to break it 😉

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