Wanna talk boobies?

Apparently Avery does.  She is obsessed.


Last night while sitting on the couch with me she suddenly exclaimed:

“Mommy, your boobies are so much bigger!!!”


Thanks for noticing, Avery.  Those are from hormones.  And poking the sore girls HURTS so please keep you hands off, ok?  If this keeps up – I am gonna look like a centerfold model (stop laughing now) before the baby comes.


Then she lifts her shirt and says “Look Mommy, I have big boobies too!”.    I told her to put her shirt down, it wasn’t ladylike to lift her shirt to show people.  Shit – I hope she grows out of that before she’s a teenager. 


Now, if I were in a position to be blogging while intoxicated, I’d share with you her comments from last week when she saw me get out of the shower.  But  ya know, I’m stone sober and not willing to post that conversation.  But check back in about 9 months.  By then, one glass of wine will really go to my head and then I’ll write about it.


6 thoughts on “Wanna talk boobies?

  1. Michelle – I know you are going to read this. So I have to say I LMFAO when you said somthing this morning about Sydney putting everything in her mouth, and Tim’s comment. Between her and Avery, we might have some problems.

  2. Michelle Bishop says:

    An oral obsessor and a flasher…my my my. At least Sydney grew out of her dancing around poles phase…had us worried for a while. LOVE Avery’s comment tho! Just make sure you don’t give her a camera when YOU’RE bending over!!!

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