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How to determine the sex of your unborn child

Without the use of an ultrasound.  Hubby figured it out last night.  It was so brillant I had to share.

It’s no secret that the *girls* have gotten exponentially larger in the past month.  It’s scary, really.  So last night Hubby says to me:

Hubby:  “I know you are having a boy.”

Me:  “Oh yeah?  How so?”

Hubby:  “Well, your boobs didn’t get this big with Avery, and boys really like boobies, so it must be a boy.”

Me:  “OOOOOKKKKK??????”  (dumbfounded look on my face) 

Shit, well there you have it friends.  No need for fancy machinary or doctors.  He summed it up in a nutshell.    But I won’t be running out and buying a bunch of blue onesies anytime soon.  I think I will wait until the end of February and get a second opinion from the OBs office. 

(I did warn him too that he was going to be the topic of my blog post today…)


12 thoughts on “How to determine the sex of your unborn child”

  1. Hmmm. Well mine were pretty freaking ginormous and I had a boy, so maybe he’s onto something. (Then again, I haven’t had a girl yet – so maybe they’d be the same.)

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