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I struck it rich!

You won’t believe this….really….it’s truly amazing!  I just got an email telling me that I have just had 4 million euros deposited into my HSBC bank account.  OMG! I can’t believe it!!!!  I am the luckiest person on the face of this earth.


I mean seriously…just last week my long lost ancestor in Southern Africia died and the Bank of Kenya is going to wire me my inhertiance.  And that’s another $2,000,000.00. 


Wait….I don’t have a bank account at HSBC.  And I am pretty sure I don’t have any relatives in South Africa.  Nope, not last time I checked.


Could it be true?  Could I have been the victim of spam?  Not me….not possible.  


Damn, and here I was ready to move to a warm climate, buy a McMansion, and live the American dream.


(Sorry – just getting a little sick of the shit that doesn’t go directly into my spam account.)


4 thoughts on “I struck it rich!”

  1. No wait, we could seriously be related… I just had a relative in South Africa leave me some money, too… Wow! What a coincidence…

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