The Drive Thru

I used to work at McDonald’s – in high school and college.  Mostly I worked the drive thru.  It used to piss me off when people would double check that everything was in the bag before pulling away from the window.  Seriously – I put everything in their, Dear Customer.


Today, after getting my haircut, I took Avery to McDonald’s for lunch.  (Call it bribery but I told her if she behaved at the salon that we would go for lunch)  It’s snowing pretty hard and the roads are crappy, I just want to get home PRONTO.    So I order…1 chicken nugget happy meal with apple dippers.  BBQ for the nuggets.  Simple enough, right?  And I find myself at the window, after getting the happy meal bag, rifling through to make sure that the coveted Caramel Sauce for the apples and the BBQ sauce for the nuggets are in the bad.  And I notice the young girl at the window looking at me, rolling her eyes.  And I want to tell her that I was once in her shoes…17 years ago.  That I understand her frustration at people who check their orders.  Cuz you know you put everything in there….


BUT LET ME TELL YOU – 17 years from now, when you have a 3 year old who COUNTS on the McDonald’s employee to fulfill their dreams of caramel sauce and bbq sauce, and you find yourself as the stressed out, tired mommy who has to deal with the aftermath of forgetten sauce….you will. much like I did today, reflect on those days of “Welcome to McDonalds, may I take your order?”  And think – I’d better check to make sure the sauce is in the bag.




3 thoughts on “The Drive Thru

  1. Exactly.

    Better to check the bag there at the window… than to face the wrath of an unhappy toddler (or 7-year-old, for that matter) because of a wrong order!

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