Our Christmas Vacation

We had a great couple of days here for Christmas…and I’ve pics to prove it!

First off, I participated in the Great Wineglass Exchange, hosted by Coco.  I was paired with KDLOST.  Christmas Eve at 6pm, Fed Ex pulls up in front of the house and THIS AWESOME GLASS is delivered to me.  Isn’t it so cool?  Thanks again!  Next year, it will definitely be filled with Holiday Cheer!


Then we got down to business – eating and presents.  First off, it the appetizers.  Many years ago we started a tradition of making tons of different appetizers and grazing…watching classic Christmas movies (Shitter was full) and opening presents. 

This year, we had oysters, weinies in BBQ sauce, cheese balls, mussels, chips and salsa, scotch eggs and shrimp.  Yum yum yum!


And we did have Holiday Cheer (well, not me of course) and here is Hubby, cracking the bottle open. 


And then came the presents.  Avery was ready and raring to go.  In fact, as you can see, she plopped herself right down in the middle of the action.  (The vest she is wearing was a gift from Nana Laura.)


And she got her very own computer.  She was so excited!  It’s a Cool School from Fisher Price and it hooks to our computer.  I was impressed. and the hand gesture she has going on only begins to convey her excitement – really I wish I would have gotten it on video for y’all.


I whipped up some cookies (ok, store bought cookie dough) for Santa.  Bear got to them, and managed to down a few, but there were still some left for Santa.  And Hubby left Santa some good old Holiday Cheer (Nassau Royale) in the glass.  He thought the jolly fat man would like that better than cocoa.  Avery diligently wrote (with some help) her letter to Santa and off to bed she went.  She was convinced she was going to get up when Santa was here so she could give him a hug and kiss.  She also wanted to pet Rudolph. 


And Santa’s elves worked very hard wrapping gifts after she went to bed.  And the end result….


She had a GREAT time opening presents, but I thought I would spare  y’all the gory details.  She got lots of cool things, including her own “IPOD” – really it’s a Fisher Price player.  I have to figure out how to put her music on there.  Here she is, listening to a song about a cat, but I am sure she was wishing it was Hannah Montana or Pink. 


And the big finish – all done with presents!


And here she is – all dressed up and ready to party.  I have to get a picture of myself up here too – to show off the belly.  But that is going to have to wait.


All in all – it was a great time with family.   We are looking forward to spending time with friends over the New Year’s Holiday.  


PS – Hubby Santa brought us a Blu Ray player too.  If you don’t have one – they are amazing!


8 thoughts on “Our Christmas Vacation

  1. yayyy for cool wine glasses! mine got LOTS of use, i tell you.

    CUUUUTE pics! and congrats on the blu ray… i so want one! 🙂 love her christmas dress & pjs… too darling.

  2. Hi there! Your little angel is quite the cutie!!!! And I am loving your wine glass! Congrats on your Blu Ray. My husband loves ours. And I am so happy you enjoyed that torta!!!!

    Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. lifeonthetailofacomet says:

    Your little darling is sooooo cute!!!!!! But I have 2 questions………what the heck is a Scottish Egg and what the heck is a Blu Ray player?

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