One small step for man…one giant leap for Mom

Avery decided that After Christmas she wasn’t going to wear pull ups to bed anymore.  I was apprehensive…

Yesterday we went to the store and I told her we were going to get rubber pants.  But then I started thinking “Will they really hold in the tinkle?”  No.  So I skipped that option and bought her some new My Little Pony undies.  She is convinced that they are rubber pants and she can’t tinkle in them.  So last night, before bed, she went potty…and off she went.  I checked her several times during the night.  Not wet.  At 3am, she came to my side of the bed, and I asked if she wet her bed.  Nope.  She climbed into mine to snuggle (PLEASE GOD DON’T LET HER WET MY BED).  And at 7:40am this morning – SHE WOKE UP DRY!!!!

And she was so proud of herself.  And I am so proud of her too!  This is a big day in our house.


6 thoughts on “One small step for man…one giant leap for Mom

  1. Congrats. When my son made the move the underwear at night, we would wake him before we went to bed. We did that for a few months and it he had very few accidents. Now I need to get my stubborn 2-year-old potty trained.

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