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Welcome 2009!

We rang in the New Year with friends last night.  We played a game of Pop Culture Trivial Pursuit.  Men v. Women (we lost).  There was lots of yummy food.  And a minimal number of meltdowns from sleepy, overtired children.  It was tons of fun!

Today – we are going to watch the Spartans (that’s Michigan State for you non Michiganders) beat up on the Bulldogs of Georgia.  And I had to say that for my GA fan – Laura.   🙂 


Happy New Year to all.  I hope you all aren’t too hungover.  I k now I’m not.


4 thoughts on “Welcome 2009!”

  1. No hangover here… I worked til 11pm and drove home on snowy icy roads… I did make it home by midnight though and had a drink and a kiss with hubby.

    Happy New Year!!!

  2. Happy New Year!!!! Glad you guys had fun!

    And, since we are Georgia Tech fans down here in the Peach State, I’m voting for MICHIGAN STATE! Screw those Dawgs! Take that Laura!

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