January 2 – the day of the diet

Isn’t it funny how January 2, for most, starts The Diet?  I too started my diet last year on this very day.  I did WW and lost 30 pounds.  It felt great.  I was one of the people waiting patiently for the machines at the gym, because EVERYONE was getting back to it.  Then February came….and it was less busy.  By March, I had my pick of machines.  But I was proud that I was sticking to it.  Of couse, then I get pregnant after losing all of Avery’s baby weight.  HA HA!

This year, I want to maintain my healthy eating and exercise.  While I am not out to lose weight, I am determined to STAY IN SHAPE during this pregnancy. 

So I am with you all – the healthy eating and exercise.  Here’s to all of us and our resolutions!  Now, go on over to the OSB if you haven’t.  You’ll get lots of support there!

Happy New Year!


8 thoughts on “January 2 – the day of the diet

  1. peacesofcake says:

    Congratulations on your pregnancy, I missed that announcement!!!

    It’s so hard in the winter when I can’t get out and walk. I have a treadmill, but it’s just not the same. Of course, if I would quit stuffing my face with holiday goodies, that would probably help too. 🙂

  2. lifeonthetailofacomet says:

    I would never do weight watchers, and it’s not because there’s anything wrong with it. ( I do have a problem with paying other people to make me lose weight)
    I used to work with a most obnoxious person who was totally obese for 41 years then she joined weight watchers and lost 80 pounds…then you’d think she founded the organization and invented exercise. She was so uptight about it and ate the same bland crap every day and was convinced that there is no other effective plan.
    As a cardiac nurse I have researched many “diets” and come to my own conclusions. There are 3 programs or “ways of life” I prefer. (or a combination of all 3)
    1) South Beach
    2) Sonoma
    3)Nick Perricone’s plan

  3. lifeonthetailofacomet says:

    PS- I’m excited to learn about your pregnancy! Just be healthy and exercise and follow your doctor’s advice and you’ll be svelt again in no time!

  4. shannie says:

    You’ll do great! Don’t worry! And there’s always WW again!!! I personally don’t think there’s a better plan out there… It helped me tremendously after my two babies (and gaining tons of weight from fertility drugs, too… Yikes!) You really can’t beat a program that promotes a healthy balanced diet (high fiber, low fat) and exercise… But, you know how well it works already!

    However, I totally think you will stay on track anyway! You’re determined… Unlike me. I think if I were to get pg today (Um, hell to the no!) I’d forget about staying on track and choose to look at is as a Free For All! All You Can Eat all day long! HA!


  5. Linda says:

    That is my goal as well to stay in shape during the pregnancy. Not looking good so far since I’m been so sick and can’t get off my sofa but I’m still hoping!!

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