First Official Belly Picture

Here it is….the first official belly picture the 2nd time around.  Here I am, a mere 5 minutes ago, at 12 weeks 1 day.   (And I have to compliment the shirt – Hubby picked it out for me for Christmas…and I love it!  And notice that I couldn’t be alone in the picture…my little ham!)

Stay tuned to hear about our afternoon adventures.  Few people would willingly torture themselves as we did today…



9 thoughts on “First Official Belly Picture

  1. shannie says:

    YAY!!!!!! My little neice or nephew blob!!!! I’m so excited!!!!! You look freaking awesome, my friend. Seriously. And LOVE the shirt. Maybe this week, I’ll ship out some maternity clothes… Make me get OFF MY ASS.

    And Avery looks especially beautiful in that pic… A beautiful little ham she is!

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