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Ole Bear

You might remember some posts from the late summer about Bear, our Brittney.  He had a rough go of it and we thought we were going to lose him.  We found a new vet and they worked wonders on him.  He was much better. 


He’s been off the meds since the beginning of Novemeber.  A couple of days ago, Hubby mentioned that the bumps under his skin were back.  And yesterday morning we noticed the lisions were back.  He is going to the vet today at 10:30.  Please send good wishes his way…ok?  I’m not ready for this.


ETA:  Hubby got home from the vet with $150 in medication.  It’s the same stuff he was on in the fall.  The vet wasn’t too confident that he would respond as well this time around.  We’ll know in about 2 weeks what his reaction is.  If he doesn’t respond…we’ll discuss it again at that time.  Thanks for all of your well wishes. 


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