Monday’s Randomness

Many people today returned to their normal routines.  Us included.  Hubby went back to work and it was the return of Laundry Day.  (Which, has been more frequent lately seeing as how I am washing Avery’s sheets daily – but more on that in a sec…)  And I can say I welcome getting things back to normal.  (Hubby didn’t quite feel that way…sorry, honey!)

In an effort to keep in shape I called the gym yesterday and made an appointment at the Kids Club for Avery.  Motivation.  It worked.  Because I went…and while sweating away I had some randon thoughts fleeting in and out of my head and I thought I would share…

Why is it that you only run into your hairdresser (outside of the salon) when you haven’t washed your hair and have it stuffed under a cap…rather than styling it into it’s super cute cut before running to the grocery store?  (And sans makeup too…)

Avery is 2 for 7 on wetting the bed.  She refuses to wear pull ups but still pees EVERY NIGHT in her bed.  We’ve been waking her in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom but no avail.  Any advice here would be greatly appreciated.  If only she were like Avery Elizabeth and just night trained herself. 

As I was getting ready for the gym this morning I pulled out the pre-knocked up gear.  And it doesn’t really fit.  I did find some pants stuffed in the back of the drawer that worked.  And I made sure to wear the Knocked Up t-shirt so no one would mistake the bump for a beer gut. (Michelle, if you reading this, I will wash it before returning it…seeing as how it’s Laundry Monday and all).  I got some smiles and some questioning looks.  I like messing with people’s minds. 

If only I had discovered a month ago, when Avery stopped eating pretty much everything except PB&J that Lucky Charms really do have charm – she ate 4 bowls at lunch.  And she didn’t seem to notice that she was consuming milk with the cereal.  Score one for mom!  (As a side note, she comes into the kitchen carrying her bowl after the 3rd helping and said “See Mom, I ate it all.  Aren’t I amazing?”

I can only imagine what she is using the scotch tape for that she keeps having me rip off while I write this blog entry.  (ETA:  Hubby, if you read this – there was no harm done.  She was making a project.)

I am so excited that we registered her for an art class that starts tomorrow.  She loves to draw and paint, so it seemed perfect.  Check back tomorrow afternoon and I will let you know how it went. 

Can we talk about “the girls” for a moment?  As I was getting ready for the gym, before I put my sports bra on, I caught a glimpse in the mirror.  THEY ARE HUGE!  In my mind, disproportionately so.  Really – it’s not normal.  This didn’t happen with Avery.   And I am only 12 1/2 weeks…what is going to happen over the next 35+ weeks?  I am scared, very scared.  Next thing I know, Hugh Hefner is going to calling saying he as room as the mansion for me.  (Ok, probably not…)

Scrapbooking is one of my hobbies…that has been neglected for some time.  Yesterday I went to Michaels and the local scrapbooking store and got some awesome stuff.  I am motivated now…but I need to find some “Mom” time to do it so that I don’t have grabby hands helping me.

Tomorrow I have an ultrasound and blood work to screen for Downs.  I am extremely nervous…I didn’t do this with Avery.   But now I am of “advanced maternal age” so it’s highly recommended by my OB. 

My camera is broken, has been for awhile.  I really want to learn how to take kick ass pictures like Shannon…so Hubby said we could save up and get a good camera and maybe I’ll find a class to take.  My current works…but doesn’t function all that well…and I love taking pictures. 

I’d really like to dye my hair.  The roots are awful and the gray is taking over.  Only 1 week and 4 days until I can.  Then medium maple brown – here I come!

I was going to write about Chuck E Cheese but that is best saved for another post….

My last random thought is that I can totally sympathize with Shannon (Yes I linked twice…) and the WAF (if you haven’t read her blog – that stands for WILD ASS FIT and her Diva is the queen of them).  Avery has started what I can only begin to imagine might be in the same category as the WAF.  It’s driving me up the wall.  I am hoping that the return of normalcy and school this week will put an end to them…but when she whines it’s like fingernails on the chalk board (I can only imagine who out there is cringing right now)…

I am certain there was more going through my mind…I was on the eliptical for 45 minutes and this certainly isn’t 45 mins of thought process.  But I’ll blame it on mush brain that I can’t think of anything else. 

Have a Happy Monday all!


6 thoughts on “Monday’s Randomness

  1. gurrrl, you gots lots on yer mind!

    i loved your comment on my post about mommy and daddy’s hot play dates. you have a little comedian on your hands! 🙂 too precious.

    we have a whole crowd of cute preggies at our gym. i cannot wait to be one of them. hopefully in the near and dear months to come… not just yet but hopefully soon… so good for you on working it out!!

  2. Oh hang in there with the night time peeing. Bram refused the night time pull up and woke up wet nightly.
    All of a sudden he is dry everynight. We aren’t discussing it so he doesn’t relapse.

    Love the randomness, and good luck at the doc’s tomorrow. Keep us posted.

  3. OH WOW! Bless your heart you have a lot going on!
    Listen… I am no professional, I just have a kick ass camera, and one of my lenses is AMAZING!

    Sorry about the WAFs… I see a new support group forming!


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