State Governments

(insert sound of something being dragged across the wood floor)

That’s my soapbox coming out.  Generally I don’t use my blog to complain (much) but I am a little pissy right now…

I got a letter from the State of Michigan at the beginning of December saying that my unemployment benefits were being extended due to the Federal Emergency Act or something of that nature.  Great…thanks!  But when I got my last check there was a discrepancy in the number of weeks remaining.  I figured I should call and clarify.

I pull out my trusting handbook and look up my designated call in time (based on the last 2 numbers of my social).  Monday from 8-12:30pm.  Perfect, a nice big window.  So I call…over and over again.  And this is what I hear:

“We are currently experiencing higher than normal call volume. Please visit us online.  Goodbye” and then comes the distinct sound of being disconnected.  BASTARDS.  I called them a hundred times, if I called them once.  Not even the fucking option to hold for 2 hours – which I would have gladly done to get this resolved. 

So I tried to be sneaky and call when it wasn’t my assigned time.  I’ll show them.  It rings, and I get what appears to be the normal menu.  Under the mono-toned jerk on the other end informs me that the State Of Michigan line is unavailable.  Those ASSHOLES go home at 4:30.  It was 4:32pm when I called. 

So I will try again tomorrow.  I will NOT let them beat me down.  I WILL get my answer.  Damn it.

(insert scratching sound again)

Thanks for letting me complain.  The soapbox is back in the closet.


3 thoughts on “State Governments

  1. lifeonthetailofacomet says:

    It’s no better in Florida. They could probably solve alot of unemployment by hiring some of the unfortunate unemployed people. I had that situation for over a month.
    I finally contacted my congress .
    person from my district- they can make things happen a bit faster.
    Good luck!

  2. Michelle Bishop says:

    There was actually a story on the news last night all about this…it’s totally crazy. They are hiring 90 more people to handle the call backlog. They said the best thing to do was try the online help on their website. They were showing a office in Romulus I believe where a gal waited & HOURS just to ask a question…good lord! Good luck!

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