At the risk of embarrassing myself

Are you on Facebook?  I am…and recently some old pals of mine from junior high/high school have been posting old pictures.  Embarrassing pictures.  We’re talking big hair, pegged jeans, K Swiss without the laces.  And it has been a blast!

So I thought I would share some doosies that I came across in our basement.



My friends and I were OBSESSED with the Beastie Boys.  We even went so far as to ride our bikes 4 miles to the nearest White Castle b/c that’s what they rapped about.  This was the night of the RUN DMC/Beastie Boys concert that we went to.  We thought we were so cool – coorindinating outfits.  And we were SO in the know – no one else had figured it out – that the letters on the back of the airplane read EAT ME backwards.  He he he.  Silly 8th grade girls.


Here is a couple of us – after band practice.  Not band as in clarinets & flutes – we are talking AIR band.  Seriously, if they would  have had Guitar Hero in 1987, we would have kicked everyone’s ass.  And that’s Duran Duran on the TV.  They were #1.  I was going to a marry Nick Rhodes or Simon LeBon.  Pipe dreams…


Senior Prom.  Yeah – that’s hot pink and taffeta.  My mom made the dress.  Check out the dyed-to-match shoes.  But wait….it’ll get better further down the post.


My coveted Chuck’s.  I begged and pleaded.  Finally, my dad gave in.  I spent hours coloring on them.  And notice the orange hair – this was in September – my 15th birthday.  I spent the summer with a bottle of peroxide.  It took forever to wear off.  (You probably thought it was b/c the photo was so old.  I wish.)


9th grade farewell.  Good thing I said farewell to the bubble dress and white plastic earrings.


Homecoming – 11th grade.  Did I mention that my mom made this one too?  Peach?  YUCK.   I do still have the pearls though.  They were my grandmas.


Now, this beauty of a dress (again, made by mom) made 2 appearances.  The first was my junior year and I went to prom at another school.  That’s my friend, Jeanne, next to me.   And this is her hair – all of it.  She claims it’s a shadow, but it’s  not.

Then, it made it’s second final appearance at homecoming the following October.  I ditched the shawl for a “new look”.  I wish I would have lost the lace gloves.  Who the hell did I think Iwas?  Madonna.  This was the 90’s – and the Madonna gloves were SO 80’s.  Duh.

So there is some embarrassment for you all.  I hope you laughed as much as I did when I found these beauties.  There are plenty more, but I will spare myself you.

ETA:  I severely lacked the boobs in High School to hold up a strapless dress which only added to the freakish embarrassment of these dresses.  Maybe now I could hold one up, but certainly not 20 years ago.


14 thoughts on “At the risk of embarrassing myself

  1. this post should win an award.

    girl, you rocked the 80’s!! also, i STILL love the beasties…there is no shame in that. party people goin’ places on the D train! 🙂

    facebook rocks.

  2. Oh, thanks! I’ll admit, I loved the 80’s. Still do. Especially the music. Take me out dancing to 80’s music and you’ll see a whole other side to me. 🙂

  3. Linda says:

    These are great. I was going to marry John Taylor with Duran Duran – they were the best. I saw them in Dallas when I was in college.

  4. Michelle B. says:

    Now I’m going to have to search for the pic that may top your pic of you and Jeanne and her hair. I have a pick somewhere in the archive of me and “a shadow” 😉 I showed all your pics to my mom and we both got a good laugh…you are so brave woman!

  5. shannie says:

    I’m on the floor laughing… OMG! Too freaking funny. I probably have very similar pictures. Somewhere. Somewhere hidden away where nobody can EVER find them… You’re a brave soul!

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