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For all of you who wanted winter

COME AND GET IT! Seriously.  If you want it, you can have it.  I woke this morning to -8 temps.  That’s the ACTUAL, my friends.  With the wind chill, it’s -25.   Did I move to Alaska and not know it?  Schools are closed and there are screams of joy (from the kiddies) across metro Detroit.  But me?  Not screaming for joy.   I still have to take us both outside today. 

If icicles grow off my nose, I’ll be sure to take pictures for y’all. 

If you’re somewhere warm…think of me.


5 thoughts on “For all of you who wanted winter”

  1. I posted today about wanting to be somewhere warmer… I’m not having it as bad as you, but when you live in the South, you expect warm weather!

    School was closed today here, too… oh, joy.

  2. I’m in Louisiana and it is in the 30’s this morning and it is to cold for me. We are not use to this cold cold weather — we wear jackets not coats — we don’t even own a coat. Sorry it is so cold up there — stay in and stay warm.


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