The Snowman Story

Cake had a funny big-assed snowman picture on her blog the other day and it reminded me of a funny story.  I checked with Hubby, to make sure I could share, and he said GO FOR IT.

Let me set the scene – Dallas, March 2002.  It was our first winter in the Big D and it snowed.  Not much, not by Michigan standards, but there was accummulation.  So we raced into our spare closet, and donned all of our “northern snow gear” and headed out to play in the snow.  We were the only ones on our block that actually were prepared.

It was awesome packing snow so we decided to make a snowman.  Sounds like fun, right?  So this little gem was started right outside our family room window…in the backyard…with the privacy fence.


Notice we were already seeing the grass as we made our MAN.  And so it went…we build the snowman, gave him a carrot nose and made a smile from cake icing (hey, that’s all we had).  Bear was ready to dive in and lick the frosting.


I started to get cold so I headed inside for a glass of wine and some TV.  Hubby opted to stay outside and play some more.  It wasn’t long before I got a knock on the window.  So I poke my head outside and this is what I see…


Do you need a close up?


Bear didn’t know what to think!  And I just shook my head.  I was, for once in my life, speechless.  This is seriously something out of a Harlequin romance novel.  It could only be described as “an engorged member”.  Now you have to know Hubby sense of humor, so I just closed the door (but not before I took a picture).

About 15 minutes later, there is another knock on the window.  So I open the door and before I look at our dear, deformed, obscene snowman I hear Hubby exclaim “Look, honey, our snowman is a DICKHEAD!” and you can only imagine where said “engorged member” was now located.  Of that I did not get a picture.



5 thoughts on “The Snowman Story

  1. shannie says:

    Wow. A little bigger and that snowman (and he is quite the Man) would have toppled over… Yes, that was quite the “engorged member.” LMFAO! (And we totally would have built that, too…)

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