Views and Search Terms

Yesterday I had the most views ever – 145.  The comments certainly don’t reflect that (Cristin knows about lurkers).  And here’s the crazy thing – there are my search terms.


life in beverly hills,  life in beverly hills, mi,  window washer life,  jake ryan,  diaper or diapers or nappy or nappies or goodnites or drynites or pull-ups or pullups or pullup or pull-up bedwetting or bed-wetting or bedwetter or bed-wetter or enuresis or “wet * bed” or “wetting * bed” or “wets * bed”

Someone out there is really obsessed with pooping, wetting the bed, and pull ups.  Seriously.  Maybe I need to talk about something else, don’t ya think?


ETA:   rubber pants potty  is the newest one!  WTF?


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