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Snow Day!

Technically it wasn’t a “snow day” from school since it was Sunday but it was more of a “play in the snow day’!

We got MORE snow on Saturday.  Another 7 or so inches at least.  Hubby and I were discussing it as we watching it coming down – this is reminiscent of snow when we were kids.  Michigan – metro Detroit – at least hasn’t seen this in years and years.  Lucky for Avery, who gets to play in it.  Unlucky for Hubby who has to haul the snow blower out!

We bundled up in our gear and headed out yesterday.  The temp was in the 20’s so we weren’t too bad off.  I got out my snow pants from high school and they BARELY fit.  The baby belly was squeezed in…but it was either that or freeze!  Avery got a kick out of jumping off the porch into the snow banks.  She had a ball!

Here are some pictures….










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