I knew I was in trouble when…

Last night, before Avery took her bath, I was laying down on my bed, resting.  Let’s face it, I’m exhausted most of the time.  Goes with the program, no biggie.  Avery climbed up on the bed and leaned in super close…

“Mommy, what’s wrong?”

“Mommy doesn’t feel good, honey.”

“Ok, let me go get my tools and I’ll fix you.”

Now I thought about this for a moment.  We got her a Make Me Well baby doll for Christmas that came with all of the doctor stuff.  So this is what I was expecting her to bring up:


However, Avery had something different in mind.  She brought the special present that Daddy picked out for her.  So instead, I got this…


I was hammered, drilled, sawed. bolted and wrenched all in the matter of minutes.   She thought it was absolutely hiliarious.  And she kept telling me “Laugh, Mommy” so I indulged her.  Which only made her do it even more.

Surprisingly, it worked.  I feel better today.


8 thoughts on “I knew I was in trouble when…

  1. Haha, this was hilarious! I’m totally late on commenting (I don’t have your feed on my Google Reader? WTF? Remedied now!) but this definitely made me smile. And hey, it worked — can’t complain about that!

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