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Letter Writing Campaign

It’s been a couple of days…no posts, no comments.  I’ve been in a shitty mood.  Nothing seems to be going my way right now.  I’ve decided to launch a letter-writing campaign to tell all of those who have pissed me off in the past two days just how I feel…

Mother Nature – ENOUGH ALREADY with the freaking snow.  Why is it necessary for it snow  Have you thought about where all of this water will go when the thaw comes?  Really?  Obviously you don’t have a basement that could potentially have an intake of water.  If you did, you’d think better about having 42 feet of snow come through the Detroit area.

Road Commissions – I think you are all in cohoots with Mother Nature.  When snow falls, it makes road conditions shitty.  Did you know that?  Those big trucks that are sitting on your lots – those are PLOWS on the front.  They serve a purpose.   They’re for (GASP) moving snow OFF the roads.   Now I lived in Texas, I see what happens when there is a threat of snow.  The whole freaking state closes down.  But not here – in 15″ of snow this city and it’s people are expected to CARRY ON with the daily business.  I have a suggestion – try making it a little easier on everyone here.  Ok?  Do you need more workers to drive those plows?  Well, have you seen the paper lately – we have plenty of unemployed workers in this state that would gladly take the wheel.  So how about it?  BTW – how much do you pay hourly?  I want to know how much of my taxes went to the two jackasses in the big trucks, sitting window to window, bullshitting and blocking the street I needed to go down?  Just curious.

Dunkin Donuts in the Gas Station Manager – Yeah, you know who you are.  Trying to save money on heat and hot water?   Well not heating the bathrooms or having hot water to wash your icicle hands SUCKS.  I think my ass almost stuck to the seat.  And my hands are just getting the feeling back today – 28 hours later. 

Retailers (the big ones) – I appreciate that it is springish weather is some parts of the country but I think you really need to be more intuned to the needs of each region in the country.  Heck – I mean MY region.  It’s great to see all of the cutsie spring shorts and tees on the shelves.  But my poor little angel just went through a little growth spurt not so long ago and she needs pants.  Leggings.   Her 3T clothes are short – her little ankles are exposed.  So when I go into my local big store (you know who you are) and can’t find anything that isn’t lightweight or goes below the knee, I get a little pissed off.  Especially since I am sitting here, writing this and looking out the fucking window at more damn snow.   Try stocking some winter clothes in January, ok?  You’d make many consumers happy.

The restaurant around the corner – yes, the one I just got my lunch from.  If I wanted my bread burned, rather than lightly toasted as your menu claims, I would have asked for it.  So instead of a sandwich, I ate chicken salad – medicore chicken salad – with a fork.   At least the cream cheese brownie perked me up a bit.

Can you all just work with me?  I’m pregnant, hormonal, and really don’t enjoy being in a shitty mood.   So step up and get with the program.  The world would be a better place.


9 thoughts on “Letter Writing Campaign”

  1. Please, World, cooperate with my friend, Dana. She is need of some things to go her way. PRONTO. So, listen up to her pleas, people of this letter! You will have the wrath of one pissed off pregnant woman if you do not. Heed her warnings, my friends. Heed her warnings.
    Thanks for listening.

  2. I can solve your mother nature issue – get back to Dallas! We had an ice storm this week and the city did shut down. The first day just because they thought their would be ice and then the second day we actually had ice!

    I am totally with you on the retailers. I went to look at maternity clothes and it was sleeveless and summer dresses. Okay, I know it is Texas but it isn’t that warm yet!

  3. Sorry about your daily issues Dana. It sucks… We’re in south Georgia and all the stores are selling bathing suits and shorts already too. Shocker – it’s still COLD down here too!

    I don’t understand why the retailers do that…


  4. Hello–First time visiting your blog. =)

    I’m a fellow Michigander- I understand your frustration with all this snow. I’m so done with it. First time I’ve truly wanted to move some place warmer. I need spring.

    Happy Tuesday!

  5. We’re getting pummeled almost daily with snow here in the northeast too…I’ve never lived where it didn’t snow… but dream of it this time of year….
    Hope getting it all off your chest made you feel better!

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