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Socks and Underwear

For Christmas, my mother-in-law bought Hubby a new pair of socks.  I think they are from Cabelas.  They have become his favorite pair.  Green with orange trim, nice and thick for these freezing temps.  I wash them a couple times a week and can always plan that he will wear them on Friday, when he usually wears jeans.

So the other day, he is getting dressed in jeans.  And he just wore the socks on Friday.  I think this was on Saturday.  So he comes downstairs…

“Stinker (cuz that’s what he calls me), have you seen my green socks?”

“They are in the wash.”

“Are they in the washer?”

“Nope, I haven’t washed them yet.  They are in the pile.”

“Can you grab them for me?”

Now I think about this, there is a whole drawer full of socks upstairs in our bedroom.  Plenty of jeans-compatible socks. 

“But they are dirty…”

Wait for it, wait for it….

“It’s ok, they have ScentLock.”

They are hunting socks.  Of course they do.  How could I not know that?

Then I started to wonder if they make ScentLock boxers…

Soon enough, if I buy all of our clothes at Cabelas, maybe I can cut down on the amount of laundry I do.  Ew, nevermind, that’s gross.


8 thoughts on “Socks and Underwear”

  1. ScentLock… I LOVE IT. Hahaha!

    Men are amazing. Obviously, ScentLock is an excuse for not doing laundry! He would probably totally support your motion to shop at Cabelas.

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