Mom always said…

Brady Bunch…remember that episode – “Mom always said don’t play ball in the house”?  Of course the kids did, the ball rolling down the stairs and a vase was broken?  Something similar happened here in Beverly Hills, circa 2009.  We weren’t wearing plaid polyester…but you get the idea.

Avery has taken to jumping on the furniture.   In mid air, calling out WATCH ME, MOM!  I sound like a broken record telling not to do it.  Over. And Over.  And Over.  She doesn’t get it.  Like I am talking to hear myself talk, right?

The other night, Hubby was working in the basement and I was in the kitchen making dinner.  Avery was *supposed* to be cleaning up her toys.  That’s when I heard the crash…and the immediate crying…and the sound of little feet running up the stairs.   Hurrying into the living room, I find one of our lamps on the floor.  In pieces.  Shattered. 

I was pissed.  Because I know what happened. 

Later, after cleaning it up, making sure Avery was ok, and calming down – we got the whole story. 

She was jumping from the couch to the arm chair.  She lost her balance and grabbed the lamp to catch herself.  Obviously that backfired.  Big Time.

Now she knows that I wasn’t talking out of my ass.  Really.  I knew what would happen if she kept it up.  Maybe now she will actually listen to what I am saying.  (I’m not holding my breath…)

Carol Brady knew what she was talking about…who knew those lessons from the Brady Bunch would help in my parents skills?  Wow.


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