Grandma Update…

Some of you may have remembered the fall my Grandma took in October.  After her surgery, she was in a halo and in a nursing home until mid-January.

When they removed the halo, they found that her neck had not healed as hoped.  Her body no longer produces the necessary calcium to help bones heal.  They put her in a collar and sent her home.  (I could rant about this for hours…but I won’t.)

She had agreed, in order to be discharged, that she would spend nights at my aunt’s house, who lives 5 minutes away, and days she could be home alone.  As soon as she got home, though, she refused.   Not surprising.

But in the month that she has been home, the idea of falling again, becoming paralyzed, or dying had finally scared her enough to agree to a second surgery.  They will perform it differently this time, and she won’t have to wear another halo or be in a nursing home.  Just a couple days in the hospital. 

The surgery is March 10th.  It was hard enough having her go through the first one – her age and health work against her tremendously.  So we will jump on the emotional rollercoaster again soon.

Please keep her in your thoughts – that between now and then, she doesn’t fall again.  And that the surgery is successful.


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