32 minutes

That’s how long it took me to detach Avery from my leg at the play area in the mall yesterday.  32 minutes. 

I’m getting cabin fever…mid Ferbruary…it’s been cold here since October.  That’s the last time we went to the park.  October.  Almost 5 months.  Too freaking long.  I’ve started to  notice on Sundays that Avery gets rambuncious.  Crazy.  That’s how lamps get broken. 

Yesterday I decided to send a mass email to both mom’s groups and mention we were heading out to the playland.  I had one taker…(most have little kiddos that nap in the afternoon).  When we arrived, our friend wasn’t there.  After a while, I thought they weren’t coming.  And Avery clung.  She wasn’t going to start playing without her buddy.  And there were tears and tantrums…and that was just me.  I hadn’t driven 30 minutes to have her cling to my leg and refuse to play.  I got frustrated.  But then, that magical hand hit the 32 minute mark, and a light bulb came on over her little noggin.  She realized it would be FUN to run like a wild indian.  And climb and fall and laugh and scream.  Uh-huh – that’s right – Mom is ON TO SOMETHING HERE.  Who knew? 

It wasn’t too long after the release that our friend arrived.  And they played for over an hour. 

And mission was accomplished…she napped in the car on the way home.  She was pooped.

Let’s just hope that the same thing doesn’t happen at the indoor bouncy house place on Thursday.


2 thoughts on “32 minutes”

  1. Oh, to have a three and half year old that still napped…

    Glad you guys had fun!!!! You can always come here and enjoy the warmth! 😉

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