Yes, they’ve grown a bit…

This afternoon, Michelle and her kiddos came over for lunch and play.  Shortly after they arrived, Michelle was on the phone with her Hubby.  In the middle of their conversation she stops and looks at me…

“Wow, Dana, your boobs have gotten so big!”

Why yes they have.  Thanks for noticing.  Check back in about 6 months.  They’ll be back to normal.  Well, I can hope.

And at least she didn’t comment on the size of my ass.  Which has also grown.

ETA:  Hubby’s response since he doestn’t comment on the blog:  Can I do a little motor-boating?  I’m a motor-boating son of a bitch.


7 thoughts on “Yes, they’ve grown a bit…

  1. Michelle B says:

    Glad I could brighten up your day 😉 Thanks for the great lunch and great company! I shared your recipe w/the girls at my meeting and several are going to try it this week!

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