You wanted to see them…

Here is a link to the first picture…7 weeks ago. 

Check it out first…..







And here is the new boob shot:



9 thoughts on “You wanted to see them…

  1. shannie says:

    Oh.My.GOD. That’s a sight, right there! Jason needs a snorkel and a life vest if he’s gonna try and motor boat those bad boys…

  2. WOW!! Those are some serious ta-tas. I am very jealous really, I might be the only woman on the planet thats boobies never got bigger pregnant. Not at all. So seeing those puppies really makes me a bit green with envy.

    You look fab!

  3. Linda says:

    You look great. You are getting big – boobs and stomach! I can’t believe we are only 1 week apart. I look more like your 12 week picture and I’m 18 weeks! Thanks for the picture.

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