Have any of you indulged in Girl Scout cookies this year?  I bought 4 boxes from the daughter of a friend.  I don’t normally order them, I wait until the girls are selling them at the little tables in front of the grocery store but hormones got the best of me this year. 

And I waited – for 2 months – to get these cookies.   Peanut Butter Patties are my favorite.  Of course that’s not what they are called now.  It’s Tagalongs.  Whatever.  

Last night they got the best of me and I cracked them open while watching Grey’s.  What better way to enjoy my Thursday – Dr. McDreamy and Girl Scout cookies, right?

I ripped open the box and pulled out a cookie.  It looked smaller.  And there were definitely fewer cookies in the box than when I was a little Brownie schleping them up and down Groves Drive.  I get it – economy, inflation, all that bullshit. 

Then I bite into one.  Where the fuck is the peanut butter in my Peanut Butter Pattie?  Huh?  Isn’t that like the main freaking ingredient?  I thought so.   Apparently no one told the manufacturer…the cookie now has a pathetic dent in the top with a miniscual amount of crappy tasting PB in it.  Huh?  I paid $3.50 for this?  Seriously? 

I’m pissed…

Not only did the maker NOT get the key ingredients but apparently they also weren’t told that if you make these cookies ONE TIME A YEAR, you’d better get it the fuck right.

After the box is gone From this day forward – BOYCOTT!

Until Avery joins girl scouts.  Then I’ll have to change my tune.



7 thoughts on “Boycott

  1. I am in agreement with you on that one!! That is one of my favs. Hubby ordered like 7 boxes from someone we know he got an assortment of them and so far I only had 1 of those tagalongs…so not worth the 3.50 a box!! I understand it’s a fundraiser but still!!!

  2. shannie says:

    WHAAAA?????????????? OH.MY.GOD. Please, please, please, for the love of all that is holy, tell me this is NOT true!!!! Please? I may hyperventilate…. And does this mean all other GS cookies are going to be subpar??? Are Somoas only going to have a small drizzle of caramel and three flakes of coconut????? OH.MY.GOD. I need a valium…

    Ghost of Juliette Lowe, I’m calling you out… Go the person that decided to lower the standards of your oh so delicious cookies, that moms all over the world gorge themselves on once a year, and dream about year round, and HAUNT THEIR ASSES. Haunt them until they see the light…

    I’m hoping this is a bad nightmare, myself.

  3. Michelle B says:

    I heard about the cut back on the cookies…I’m in agreement with Shannon…I’m dreading to see what my samoas are going to look like. I’ll let you know on Sunday when I get them in hand!!!

  4. shannie says:

    Michelle, please do let us know… No wait… Maybe I don’t want to know… Ahhhhhhhh!

    *Seriously wiping back tears*

    GS cookies are supposed to be never-chaning in their deliciousness. Damn you, Girl Scout bakers! Damn you!

  5. Karen says:

    Hi! I just came across your blog when looking around at others and your Boycott caught my eye. I wanted to see what you were boycotting and I have to say, bummed to see it’s Girl Scout Cookies. I was hoping it was something I didn’t like. lol! Tagalongs have always been my favorite. I haven’t had them in years and I’m very bummed to hear they aren’t the same. I might buy 1 box this year to test them out myself. But thank you for warning me that they aren’t the same as they always were. lol!

    P.S. Good blog!

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