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Naming our boy

It’s hard.  So I’m putting it out there.  Suggestions welcome.

Shannon  – I know Edward is your top pick and it’s duly noted.  🙂  I tried to get Cullen approved and it was a no-go.  That is my absolute favorite name.  (Hubby, are you reading this?  If I let you do the room in camo, can we name him Cullen Bishop?????)

Shannie – Spartacus is off the table,  I’m sorry.  But I do think it’s cute that your family have chimed in – Avery with Levi and The Mister with Henry – so that we could each have an Avery and a Henry.  You guys are the best!

So let’s hear your suggestions.  Middle names to be considered are:





There is a naming tradition in Hubby’s family, middle names are maiden names of past generations.  Hubby’s middle name is Bishop.  Avery is my FIL’s middle name, and it’s a maiden name from 4 generations ago.  Pretty cool, huh?

Oh, and it really shouldn’t start with H – cuz our last name does.

So have at it, friends.  We’ll be continuing this every Thursday until the Nudger has a name.  🙂

ETA:  I ran Wilson as a first name by Hubby this morning and his first reaction was to yell…wait for it…


If we pick that name, and it’s leaning towards being in my top 3, let’s hope this baby doesn’t look like Tom Hanks’ deflated volleyball companion.  Ok?


9 thoughts on “Naming our boy”

  1. What about Myron or Burl… We discussed those day before yesterday. No? Awww, man. Your just being difficult now.

    Spartacus is cool. He could rock a leather skirt and a chariot!

  2. I love the name Wilson for the first name. LOVE the name Wilson.

    And I like the name Wyatt a lot. If Tess was a boy it would of been Doak. Doak Walker is a famous Texas born football player. I think it is pretty cool and went well with Bram.

    So my vote is Wilson for a first name, or Wyatt or Doak.

    Oh and I love Brooks for a boy. Brooks Wilson or Brooks Bishop sounds great.

    I am the bossiest baby namer ever, you have opened a can of worms with me you might regret.

  3. names i like (of kids i know)

    deacon (that wouldn’t go with bishop though, eh?)
    harris (i may use this someday…but it really doesn’t go with my last name as well as yours)

    i LOVE wilson! also edward is a great name 😉
    i know a rascally cullen… but that is also cool.

  4. Spartacus! Spartacus! Spartacus!

    (Shannon, what? That’s not a cool name? Get with the program, sister. Sparty would be one bad ass, leather skirt wearing, chariot driving mother fucker.)

    I’ve given up several of your suggestions! Good names, girls!

  5. I LUUURVE naming people!

    Wilson and Thompson are both family names for me and were both considered for our children. Love them both.

    My Grampa was Edward, it’s always been my favorite name but my sister beat me to it.

    Names that were in the running for Graham were:

    Wallace (my fave)
    Walden (I really dug the nickname Wally)
    Calvin (I had a dog named Hobbes, so I had a problem with naming a child Calvin)

  6. So I’m catching up on blog posts while the baby naps… and I’m totally thrilled to read this post.

    I pulled out my copy of The Baby Name Wizard and looked up Avery… here are the “brother” names it suggests would go nicely:


    I really like Riley, Carter, Landon and Miles personally, and Bishop’s probably my fave of the middle names.

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