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The Biggest Loser

Has arrived in the D.  “The three to the one to one to the three (I met a bad bitch last night in the D)”….that’s my ass shaking reference for you Shannie – SING IT!

The Biggest Loser is here in MI looking for contestants.  I saw it on the news this morning.  I understand it’s a great show, helps lots of people.   Wonderful. 

My problem is really with the people in line that look like they are a size 2 and “need to lose a couple”.  That pissed me off.  And I have to believe it pissed off the people in line that aren’t a size 2 and need some serious assistance.

Boo to all of those people that don’t belong and only want their shot at being on TV – 5 minutes of fame.  BOO!!!!


3 thoughts on “The Biggest Loser”

  1. Hey Dana! I actually live like less then a mile from where they have the auditions traffic is rediculous, the line actually almost reached halfway down Hayes at one point! My hubby was out early and he wondered when people were in line! He saw them that far around 7 in the morning!! But your right in noticing that because my hubby said he saw some skinny people .W ho knows maybe they are company for those waiting!! Anyways as of 12:30 when i was across the street at Meijers the line was still out onto Hayes!!

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