There’s a new man in town

She has a new man in her life.  Who, you may wonder?  Avery.  My sweet little girl has her very first boyfriend. 

And he’s a younger man (she will be 4 in June but his birthday isn’t until August.  Robbing the cradle already.)

His name is Sam and he is a sweet boy.  Before Christmas, his mom was telling me how he would tell everyone that Avery is his girlfriend.  And it was cute.  Seriously cute. 

When it came time to pick out Valentine Cards, Avery wanted to get dinosaur ones b/c that’s what Sam likes.  I told her that she needed to get what she wanted, not what Sam would want.  (See, already starting to instill independence in her!)

I volunteered at Avery’s school last Thursday.  She and Sam played together on the playground.  Chased each other around, pushed each other on the swings.  Very sweet.  Then we went to McDonald’s with them for lunch.  And they cuddled up side by side to share their fries and apples.   And Sam helped her climb the slide, because she was scared.

Later that day, while driving home, I was telling someone – probably Shannie – about their play date.   I called Sam her “cute little friend”.  The response:

“Mom, he’s NOT little.  He’s a big boy.  And he’s NOT cute!”

But that has all changed now.  Yesterday upon leaving school, we were invited to lunch.  Unfortunately we had too many things to do around the house so we made plans for Thursday.    Avery made sure to bring Sammy his backpack and as they were walking to their cars, she tackled Sam, and gave him a hug.  Which he gladly accepted.  Then she totally planted a big ole smackaroonie on him!  He LOVED it! Grinned from ear to ear…

When we got home from school, I was unloading her backpack and I found…Sam’s shoes.  I think there was a ploy there.  A scheme if you will.  So that we would have to see Sam before Thursday.  And of course we drove the shoes over and they ended up playing for an hour.  And that Sam, he’s a negotiator.  “Avery can stay for 5 more minutes, right?”  “How about 4 more minutes?”  She saw his big boy bed, played with his racetrack and cuddled up on the sofa to catch the end of Nemo.  (Sidenote:  While both his mom and I were laughing at how freaking cute they were, I said in 10 years we are going to be making them sit on opposite sides of the sofa! NO TOUCHING!)

And his sensitive side came out when Avery had to leave and he threw a tantrum.  I like it, a man who can express his emotions.  And we left.  With hugs and kisses galore.

As we are walking down the sidewalk, she looks up at me and says:

“Mom, that Sam sure is a fun guy!”

And now she is calling him her boyfriend.  I think I’m in trouble…


4 thoughts on “There’s a new man in town

  1. shannie says:

    Oh LORD! They’re too young!!!!! This is too cute. I’ll have to call and get Avery E. to ask about her boyfriend. See what they say! Too freaking funny.

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