Name That Baby

Welcome back folks for another Thursday edition of “Name That Baby” where readers everywhere can help with the task of naming The Bean!

Last week brought lots of great suggestions.  Many of which I liked and/or loved.  (Still love Cullen, but it isn’t even being discussed anymore.)

Grayson has made it’s way to the top but it’s not a solid yes.  This was Hubby suggestion…BTW.

Hubby wants a solid name.  Something that will sound good over the loud speakers of the football stadium at the championship game his senior year in high school. 

I just don’t want him to sound like a dork.

So bring it on…my friends.  Bring it on!

*Sidenote:  Avery has a chaperoned date with Sam today.  Either lunch at McDonalds or playing at Jungle Java.  I’ll be sure to take my camera and post pics!*


7 thoughts on “Name That Baby

  1. shannie says:

    Ooh, try to get them smooching!

    I’m still voting for Spartacus. He’d be rocking some lion fighting, chariot races and hand to hand mortal combat… All while wearing leather and a plume on his iron helmet. Forget football! That’s for wussies.


    Okay… I like Grayson. I also love Campbell. There are a million I like, but those are the ones we’ve discussed a lot that I’m loving.

  2. Spartacus… as if….

    I submitted my faves on the last one.. but I thought of another that got nixed by hubby that I really liked..


    I know, you probably hate it…

  3. Oh my God your husband sounds like mine. Bram goes with our last name that also starts with a B. Adam said, Bram B—- is a Heisman trophy winner! And he may be right.

    I still vote Wilson.
    And Brooks.

    Grayson is beautiful but tell your hubs Bram has a Grayson in his class….and it is a she. I have a feeling it is turning into a girl name.

    Hunter is a good name. Fisher too.

  4. Robin says:

    Leave it to Shannie to pick Spartacus. Oh my. I like Grayson and I like Gavin. I am big on the how does it sound when you yell it out kinda thing to determine if it is a keeper. Good Luck.
    I think it is best to have the name set before the baby gets here. It is so much harder to determine if you are naming them correctly once you look at their perfect little faces.

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