She’s growing up…

When Avery was a wee one – 2 months old – Hubby’s Aunt Susan made a blanket for her.  You have to understand, her son is an actor in LA (and yes, if you watch ER, Law & Order, Judging Amy or by some freak of nature the Olsen twins show that used to be on – then you have more than likely seen him…but that’s beside the point).  Susan spent a lot of time on the set, and she’d see what all the producers and directors wives had for their little ones.  And being that she worked in a knitting shop out there – we were bestowed with the hippest blanket ever.  Check it out…


 We called it her Fuzzer Buzzer.  Isn’t it sweet, and fuzzy, and pink?  It immediately became the blanket of choice.  And she used it for everything…


Cuddling in the swing….(7 months old)


Moral Support when she was a flower girl at the tender age of 26 months.  (Notice the barefeet?  Her other obsession at this point was a pair of purple crocks but luckily we got them off her feet before she walked down the aisle.)


And so it has gone for three and 1/2 years.  At around age 2, she started calling the Fuzzer Buzzer her “friend” and that name stuck.  She took Friend everywhere with her.  Daycare, the store, car rides, to bed, and he (it’s a boy by the way) even sits on the toilet seat while she takes a bath. 

But lately I have noticed that Friend doesn’t play such an important role in her life.  He’s there when she’s tired or scared.  He still goes to bed with her.  But now he misses out on the field trips.  He stays home for the most part.  Because she’s a BIG GIRL now. 

This morning when I got home from taking her to school…all day school where she takes a nap…this is where I found Friend.  Discarded on the living room floor.  He isn’t as fuzzy as he once way but that is because he is well loved.  She has a corner that she will find in her sleep and hold on to tightly.  It amazes me.   And when she comes to crawl in for a snuggle in the middle of the night, her trusty Friend is always with her.


 But I know it will only be a matter of time before Friend is put in a drawer, tucked away for a needed moment, like a thunderstorm in the middle of  the night.   Until that time, I will cherish watching her with Friend.  And for the time being remember that she still is a little girl, just not as little as she used to be.


4 thoughts on “She’s growing up…

  1. shannie says:

    This is such a sweet post! They grow up so quickly. Enjoy all the special moments you can. Especially before Little Sparty is born! Then the time REALLY flies. XO

  2. Michelle says:

    awwww…just read this post. One day you’ll have to pull out what’s left in front of her friends and embaress her like all good moms do! 😉

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