She’s a comedian

I know there’s a feminine version of the word comedian – but I can’t spell it.

But I’ll give you one guess as to who I am talking about.  If you guessed Avery, you got it right.

She has kept me in stitches today with her one liners.  I have the funniest one from this morning when we were in the car, but the funny voice really made the story.  If I can figure out a way to convey the humor in the discussion – y’all will be the first to know.

One convo we had…when we have talked about names we’d say something like “Grayson is on the list”.   Today we were talking about my friend, Kim, who is having her second baby in June.  She’s having a girl, so we are sending all of our baby clothes to her (she already has a boy).  Avery decided in the car that “We are having a girl.  A boy isn’t on the list anymore!”

I about pee’d my pants.

And so goes our day today…


4 thoughts on “She’s a comedian

  1. Comedienne? I think? I think it’s supposedly sexist to feminize words these days anyhow tho.

    I really quite like the name Grayson, it’s growing on me the more I see it (I didn’t ever dislike it, I’m just sayin I like it more & more).

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