Mother Nature is a b*tch

Friday – 71 and sunny.  Gorgoeous.  Windows down, Kid Rock turned up.  Wonderful day! 

Saturday – raining and 40

Sunday – raining and 35

Monday – teaser – ground froze and no rain.  Gave us time to mop up the water in the  basement and patch the wall.

Tuesday – fucking rain again.

Do I even mention the time change?  Now, I know this isn’t MN’s fault since Mankind thought up this beauty many many years ago.  But still it pisses me off.  Obviously the people who dreamt up this idea didn’t have kids on a sleep schedule. 

As you can tell, I’m a little crabby today.  I’ve also been upset about some other stuff – not blog worthy – but still upsetting.  So I have spent my time in the basement, looking with hope amongst the tubs of pink clothing for anything that might be worn by a boy.  I’ve had luck.  Yay!  He better like yellow and green. 

I’ll be back later, when I am in a better mood.


8 thoughts on “Mother Nature is a b*tch

  1. *hugs* I hear ya. We’re sitting here on Lake Ontario with the same sort of crappy, weird weather. Thursday is supposed to be pretty nice, like 50+ degrees, and then Friday it’s going to be below freezing? wtf? I’d like to introduce my daughter to the great outdoors, and maybe someday I can even show her what sunshine looks like.

  2. It is raining here too. But 80 degrees, so very humid and crappy.

    This Daylight savings is killing us too. Bram thought he was just going to have a “rest” at bedtime last night. Then raised hell when we told him it was bedtime. UGH!!

    Hope your day gets better.

  3. shannie says:

    LOL! Yeah. We usually are a constant warm, but had that freak (like once every 20 years) snowstorm last week…

    And I say screw you to the time change.

  4. Linda says:

    Mother Nature should know better than to mess with a pregnant woman!

    We are getting the rain here today, too. It was 80 but tomorrow it will be 50 and rain. Gotta love it!

  5. Marta says:

    I am loving your views on the weather! Michigan weather is ridiculous! The sun isout today but it’s freaking cold AGAIN!!

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