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8 years ago today…


 Yep, you guessed it.  Today is our 8th anniversary.  Happy Anniversary to us!  We had a wonderful day…bright and sunny, surrounded by family and friends.  And even Elvis – but I’ll get to that.

If you do the math, March 11 falls during Lent, no matter when Easter is.  I was raised Catholic and it was a no no to get married during Lent, and an even bigger no no to get married on a Sunday in Lent.  So I, the raised-Catholic bride, and my Protestant-raised Hubby were married on a Sunday, in Lent by a Morman minister (Hubby’s beloved Uncle) and not in a church.  Call us crazy.  But the fact that his uncle performed the service made it that much more special.  And the date was what really was important to us.  We wanted to get married 1 year to the date after we got engaged (however have you priced a Saturday night wedding?  If you have, then you’ll know why we got married on Sunday.  And one day off isn’t bad…)

The place where we got married, Addison Oaks, was previously the vacation house for one the influential families in Detroit, although after discussing it this morning, neither of us can remember which one and I don’t have time to look at the website.  Anyways they sold it to the park system and Voila! Perfect wedding/reception site.  We literally took the place over.  We had a luncheon reception immediately following and the food was FAB! 

(Sidenote: you can get married in their garden…in the summertime…and I can’t tell you how many people asked if we were getting married outside.  Um, hello?  You live here, right?  It’s March.  The ground is white….I don’t think so!)

And the cake was excellent.   We froze the top layer but after we returned from our honeymoon (in Paris) we found out we were moving to Dallas.  So we ate it as a going away cake since we figured it wouldn’t travel well.


 And I’ll bet you are wondering about the Elvis comment, right?  After we got engaged and started pricing/planning our blessed event, we spent some time in the cardiac unit sticker shock.  And jokes were made about how we should have just gone to Vegas.  So my brother-in-law, the prankster, arranged for a visitor from The Heartbreak Hotel…


We seriously laughed our asses off.  Good thing I was wearing waterproof mascara.  I need to give credit to AJ – who will never see this blog – he ROCKED THE HOUSE as Elvis.  And he had never done it before.  We still laugh about it today.  I made sure to put this picture on Facebook – and tag him in it – so the moment will be forever immortalized…

So here we are, 8 years after our special day…what a wonderful thing.

And to think it all started with the phrase, heard over a cubicle wall, “Really, you’ve been engaged twice?  Dana has been engaged twice too.  You should meet her.” 

 Followed by an argument over the Red Wing goalie…

Match made in heaven.


12 thoughts on “8 years ago today…”

  1. Hi there!
    Thanks for coming to see my blog!
    8 years is a long time.
    Mine is coming up next month. I will post then.
    Everything looked beautiful in the pictures.

    I answered your questions in my reply to comments…

  2. Never knew about the two engagement comment…how funny! I would have loved to get married at Addison Oaks…but alas sometimes big families can’t be helped! Glad you had a great day!

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