Road Trip

It’s not a road trip in the sense of a ROAD TRIP.  We are loading up the truck (and we moved to Beverly….Hills that it…sorry that popped in my head) and trekking off to Ikea this afternoon.

Hubby has the afternoon off and we are on a mission.

1) Big Girl Bed for Avery (including mattress, bedding and room decor)

2) Dresser for Baby Boy’s room.

3) Lamp to replace the one Avery broke.

4) Anything else cool we can find. 

Ikea is about 45 minutes away.  A lifetime in a car for a 3 1/2 year old.  We will be plagued with 432 “Are we there yet?” – reminding me of many summers spent in the backseat of the car listening to my walkman and chewing watermelon bubble gum. 

We went there once, but on the weekend, and it was a zoo.  I am hoping a Thursday afternoon won’t be so bad.  Hell, who am I kidding?  That place is always nuts.

On a side note – you may notice that it’s Thursday and I suspended Name That Baby.  We are down to one name.  I love it, Hubby loves it, but there is still a lack of committment there.  I will share it once we nail it down.  (I did throw a curveball in there at dinner last night, so it left Hubby thinking.)

Have a great day!  I’ll post pics of her room once it’s all done.  (Don’t look for them tomorrow or the next day.  We still have to paint this weekend.)


5 thoughts on “Road Trip

  1. I will be PISSED if it isn’t one of my selections. PISSED!

    Bram’s big boy bed is an IKEA purchase as well. Love their stuff but have only been once b/c it caused a major panic attack.

    Good luck and post your finds, por favor.

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